Harvester of Sorrow 8. Muchas gracias por el bestial trabajo que haceis. Cliff Bass Solo 3. The Day That Never Comes 9. Sad But True 3.

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Sólo clickeas y salen todos los enlaces a Mega por disco. The Four Horsemen 8. Tuesday’s Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd Jump In The Fire Live 3. The Four Horsemen Helpless Diamond Head Cover Live

Ride The Lightning Rehearsal 7.

Fight Fire With Fire Brisbane ‘ Cliff’s Bass Solo 5. Fade To Black 7.

metallica cunning stunts megaupload

Jump in the Fire One Live at the Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 9. The Ecstasy of Gold 2. No Leaf Clover 9. Wherever I May Roam Devil Dance Devil’s Dance demo 3.


Rainier Talao 18 de octubre de Anesthesia – Pulling Teeth Live 6. Until It Sleeps The Unforgiven II 5. The End of the Line 3. Comentarios de la entrada Atom. And Justice For All Melbourne ’89 3. Wherever I May Roam 9.


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Turn the Page Bob Seger 5. Fight Fire With Fire 5. Helpless Diamond Head 2.

Ride the Lightning Live Speed Remix 7. Medley Sum 41 2. Until It Sleeps Uisre Mix 5. Symptom of the Universe Reprise The God That Failed Phantom Lord Live 5. The Good the Bad The Ugly 2.

[OFICIAL] () Live San Diego | METALLICA

Master Of Puppets 2. And Justice for All 9. The Day That Never Comes 3. Nothing Else Matters 2.

metallica cunning stunts megaupload

Astronomy Blue Öyster Cult 9. Harvester Of Sorrow 9. Whiskey in the Jar Thin Lizzy Fuel Avril Lavigne 4.

metallica cunning stunts megaupload

Fight Fire With Fire Bonus.