New York Photonics 2016 Annual Meeting Press Release

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September 17, 2016

Contact: New York Photonics Executive Director Tom Battley
Telephone:(585) 329-4029


New York Photonics Annual Meeting Announcement

Progress and potential of the optics and photonics industry in the Rochester region will be discussed Oct. 27 during the annual meeting of New York Photonics, a leading local organizational and advocacy group.

The meeting, 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Strasenburgh Planetarium at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, will feature U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and leading specialists in both the emerging sciences and economics of optics and photonics.

New York Photonics, the trade group, is marking a number of accomplishments, including helping to coordinate funding for local O&P programs and playing host again to major professional conferences in Rochester. NYP helped coordinate the Finger Lakes region’s presence—the largest of any area—at the 2016 Photonics West conference in San Francisco, the top international gathering for photonics technologies. Rochester has been designated as the headquarters for AIM Photonics, a federal effort to boost development of integrated photonics technology, a development effort where the U.S. is competing globally. The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council has identified O&P as one of three critical industries for the future.

Schumer, key in the AIM designation, will kick off the meeting with remarks at 3 p.m. A series of updates and presentations will feature Paul Ballentine, executive director of the Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences at the University of Rochester; Tom Battley, executive director of New York Photonics; Alexis Vogt, chairwoman and associate professor of optics at MCC; and Ed White, outreach executive for AIM Photonics.

“We’d really like to hear from professionals in the industry as well as others who can have a role supporting it—investment professionals, CPAs, lawyers, economic development specialists, you name it,” Battley said. “We’ve got work to do. Our region has an unparalleled opportunity to grow an industry that could multiply high-paying jobs and enhance quality of life for decades.”

A demonstration to highlight state-of-the-art full-dome planetarium projection technology will be shown after the discussion, followed by a reception and refreshments.

Cost is $50. To register,

About New York Photonics

New York Photonics is a not-for-profit organization founded to promote and enhance the New York State Optics, Photonics and Imaging industry by fostering the cooperation of business, academia and government. Our world-class companies and research universities are first in innovation in Optics, Photonics and Imaging Science.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact New York Photonics Executive Director Tom Battley at (585) 329-4029 or email at


PDF Here:  annual-meeting-2016

JML Optical Debuts New Optical Machining Center By OptiPro

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JML Optical recently invested in new equipment from OptiPro (Ontario, Wayne County, NY) an eSX 300 for grinding, a UFF 300 for polishing, an OptiTrace 5000 surface profilometer for metrology, and PROSurf freeform CAM software for making deterministic corrections. By utilizing OptiPro’s leading edge technology, JML will be able to produce cylinder optics with optimal efficiency.

“This operational expansion is a result of our recognition of an underserved customer base within the engineered optical cylinder marketplace,” noted JML CEO Bob Bicksler.  “We believe this is a game changer for our customers and for JML.  We are excited to have the opportunity to continue to grow our business and add more local jobs in the process.”


“OptiPro is proud to be the technology provider for JML Optical’s new rapid cylinder manufacturing cell.” Said Mike Bechtold, CEO Optimax.


Congratulations, Mike Pavia, CEO Sydor Technologies, SBC Businessperson of the Year!

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Pavia, president and CEO of Sydor Technologies, won in the category of leaders with fewer than 50 employees.IMG_7940
“Rochester is recognized globally for optics, photonics and imaging, world-class scientists, engineers and technicians along with the precision fab shops we have in town here (which) are really unparalleled,” Pavia said. “We’ve been very successful with technology transfer, commercialization and innovation—all more things that will help lead our community into the future. What we really are proud of is to take these locally developed products and sell them to 33 countries around the world and bring money into Rochester to help further our growth.”
“All the ingredients are really here for Rochester for the future and in the optics and the photonics industry the future really looks bright as our economy continues to grow,” he added.

Those honored have demonstrated significant contributions to their companies in the areas of growth, leadership, achievement and community service, the Small Business Council said.

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Global Women of Light Symposium at the 2016 Frontiers in Optics Conference, OSA’s 100th Annual Meeting

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To celebrate the OSA’s 100th anniversary, WiSTEE Connect (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship) is collaborating with the OSA Foundation to organize an international symposium “Global Women of Light” at the 2016 Frontiers in Optics on 17 October, 2016 in Rochester, NY, US. The program will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Rochester from 11:00-17:00.

The overall goal of the “Global Women of Light” symposium is to shine light upon women’s careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and entrepreneurship, recruit women across career ranks and disciplines, and build a sustainable community of women in both academia and industry from which career growth, mobility, and leadership opportunities.

Speakers at this extraordinary event:

  • Christine Whitman, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Carmiña Londoño: Program Director for the NSF Engineering Research Centers Program.
  • Elizabeth Rogan: Chief Executive Officer of OSA, The Optical Society.
  • Gisele Benett: Associate Vice President for Research, Faculty Interaction and a Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.
  • Janet S. Fender: Chief Scientist and Scientific Advisor to the Commander, Air Combat Command USAF.  Past President of OSA, The Optical Society.

WiSTEE Connect ( is an organization which serves to connect female students, faculty members, scientists, and engineers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship (STEE) from universities, government labs, and private companies. The vision of WiSTEE Connect is to promote women leadership in STEE and assist women involved in these areas to gain regional and/or global connections and recognition. This organization, started in upstate New York, helps to bridge the gap between science and entrepreneurship while providing a forum though which women in these fields may learn, connect, and lead.

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2016 Annual Golf Outing

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A good time was had by all!  First real day of fall didn’t dampen spirits at Ravenwood!

Thank you to our sponsors, Bergmann, Harris Beach, Visit Rochester, Optimax, Optipro, John W. Danforth, SPIE!

Thanks to Brian Carroll, Superior Group, for the Orangemen Basketball tickets!

Thanks, Rick Plympton, Optimax, for the Coco Beach condo raffle!

Thanks everyone at VisitRochester for your tremendous support and raffle donations!


Team Optipro


Team UR


Team Optimax


Team Davie Kaplan with celebrity guest, Tom Kelly


Lowest score? Team Ingersoll Rand


The John W. Danforth Sticks


Team Harris Beach


Team Bergmann


“Even a Blind Squirrel” … the saying goes


New York Photonics Talks Photons with Rochester Visitor Industry Council Leaders

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… and quite the crowd they are!

This is the presentation that would not run on the AV system.
For those of you that attended, let me know how I did without the digital crutch!

Thank you, Visit Rochester: Don Jeffries, Denise DeSantis-Penwright, Greg LaDuca and our Photonics Liaison, Wendy Ford.vic
And thank you to all of the other industry professionals for the warm welcome and keen interest in photonics technology!


>>The PDF<<

1916 – 2016: Germanow-Simon Companies Celebrating 100 Years

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Local Company Innovates To Compete and Thrive

The Germanow-Simon Companies, one of the Finger Lakes Area’s oldest continually operating manufacturing businesses, is celebrating its 100th anniversary next month.

In 1905, Harry Germanow arrived at Ellis Island as a teenager, having left his small hometown near Pinsk in what is now Belarus.  By October 1916, when the United States was in the middle of World War I, he and his friend Julius Simon had managed to scrape together $1000 to purchase two very used machine tools to open G-S Machine Works, their own shop on Mills Street.100yearsgstt

Since 1928 the company’s factory has been located in 1890’s vintage multi-story brick industrial buildings on St. Paul Street across from the Genesee Brewing Company.  Precision machining and tooling—today known as advanced manufacturing skills—were at the core of the quality work produced there.

Still today, specialized machinery and customized tooling are key elements in the manufacturing operations of GS Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company, the Germanow-Simon Companies.  Those buildings on St. Paul Street have been renovated significantly, and within those old brick walls there are now approximately 100 employees doing High Tech manufacturing!

GS Plastic Optics employs single point diamond turning, injection molding, thin film deposition coating and advanced metrology instruments to manufacture plastic optical components.  The company has grown to be a world-class manufacturer of polymer optical elements, and provides integrated optical solutions for a wide range of military, medical, commercial and consumer markets.

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company using metal stamping, CNC turning equipment, and CNC vision systems, has grown to be a widely respected manufacturer of bimetal and digital thermometers as well as other temperature and pressure instruments and related accessories, for sanitary, industrial, OEM, HVAC, and food service applications and equipment worldwide.

To celebrate the dedication of generations of GS Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru staff, G-S is opening its doors to friends and families on Friday afternoon to celebrate this major milestone.  “We are pleased, honored and humbled when we reflect on the one hundred years of evolving markets, products offered, manufacturing methods, and channels of distribution our business has encountered.  We strive every day to produce the best product performance and quality possible for our valued customers.  We love the ‘magic of manufacturing’ and look forward to the next one hundred years of serving customers”, stated Andy Germanow, CEO of the Germanow-Simon Companies, and grandson of Harry.

The company and its CEO were cited late last year as an “Urban Innovator.”


The Germanow Simon Team in Earlier Days — The Company Continues its History of Innovation.

 About the Germanow-Simon Companies

Every day GS Plastic Optics works with program leaders on complex optical challenges by providing polymer optics designed specifically for improving our customers’ market share and competitiveness.

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company engineers industrial quality temperature instruments that improve our customers’ product quality and operational performance.

Contact:Kati Chenot, Marketing Communications Manager | Phone: 585.232.1440