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Optipro Steakout, October 21st & 22nd

October 17, 2009

10:00am to 7:00pm
6368 Dean Parkway
Ontario, NY

Highlights (besides networking and food!) will include live demos of OptiPro’s optical machining centers and metrology equipment. In addition, demos of 5-Axis machine tools, including DMG, Hurco, Yama Seiki, and Ares-Seiki will take place. Mastercam’s newest software, X4, will be showcased as well.

New this year, OptiPro is planning technical presentations from Sandvik, DMG, Hurco, and Mastercam.

Contact Lynda Bechtold (Lynda[at] or call 585-265-0160 ext. 236

Michael Cumbo New General Manager at Semrock

October 16, 2009

Dr. Michael J. Cumbo has been appointed Semrock’s new General Manager, effective September 14, 2009. Cumbo brings nearly 30 years of experience in lasers and electro-optics at publicly traded photonics companies such as OCLI, JDS Uniphase, and Coherent, and venture capital funded startups BinOptics, Raydiance and NanoGram Solar.

Cumbo has a masters degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology (1987), and a Masters (1990) and PhD (1993) in Optics from the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester.

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Advanced Manufacturers’ Futures Forum: Building Minds that Make It

October 8, 2009

Keynote Speaker: Takashi Tanaka
World’s leading expert on Toyota Development System
Creating the Multi-Skilled Technology Worker Pipeline: A Toyota Perspective

Monday, November 2, 2009
2:30 –8:00 PM
Monroe Community College
R. Thomas Flynn Center Rooms A & B, 1000 East Henrietta Road

Consultant Takashi Tanaka played an integral role in developing Toyota’s ‘oobeya’ project process for the first Prius, cutting the development cycle from a forecasted 36 months to an actual 18 month on-time production start. He has served Canon, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other Japanese clients in various aspects of the Toyota Management System, and worked with more than 35 European clients.
In 2005, his company, QV Systems, Inc., formed a partnership with Toyota Engineering Corporation, to provide additional consulting services in Toyota Production System and Toyota Marketing and Sales System.

Takashi helps build client internal capabilities based on Toyota’s human-side approach. A key principle of workforce improvement is ‘multi-skilled worker.’ This keynote addresses Toyota’s global approach to people development—and the famous Toyota ‘Thinking about People’ policy. His remarks will cover the requested role of educational institutions, and internal worker development in the Toyota factory. He will also make recommendations to create an effective, efficient pipeline of multi-skilled graduates of high school, technical college and university.

Tanaka was graduated with the BSME, and earned an MBA at Oklahoma State University. He currently resides in Seattle and Tokyo.

Completed registration form and check must be received by 10/27/09. Registration is filling fast. Join these and many more companies for this exciting Forum.

Contact Nancy Roberts for registration information:

FAME (Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise) is a member organization committed to building world-class workforce talent that has the skills, inspiration and motivation to grow the advanced manufacturing industry in our region. FAME is proud to host this exciting forum — an excellent opportunity to examine future workforce trends, issues and solutions for advanced manufacturers.

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Vincent Associates Receives US Patent for N-CAS® NS Electrical Shutters

October 6, 2009

Rochester, NY October, 2009 – Vincent Associates, the manufacturer of UNIBLITZ® shutters, is pleased to announce that they have received a United States patent for the UNIBLITZ®II N-CAS® NS series of shutters which has been recently released as a new product line. These products are the NS15 (15mm), NS25 (25mm), and the NS45 (45mm) series of shutters. Additional aperture sizes and additional uni-stable devices will also be available soon.

The UNIBLITZ®II N-CAS® NS series is a novel innovation in shutter design from Vincent Associates. The devices’ reliability has been enhanced by significantly reducing the number of moving parts. The total number of moving parts has been reduced to six, five of which are the shutter blades themselves! The activating mechanism is non-contact and has shown to increase its reliability through testing over similar type shutter designs.

The N-CAS® device is innovative by comparison. There are no solenoids, no linkages, and no external damping system. The damping system has been integrated into the device to provide long lasting, quiet operation. The only protruding component is the unit’s actuator coil. The external mounting surfaces of the device are flat which make the shutter simple to integrate into user applications. These shutters are bi-stable, only requiring power to change their state. The devices can also be configured uni-stable (powered active and return to the default state once power is removed).

For more than 40 years, Vincent Associates has been supplying the UNIBLITZ® electro-programmable shutter systems worldwide, addressing numerous demanding applications.

Read more about Vincent Associates

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Sydor Instruments Hires New Sales Pro

October 6, 2009

Dan RaoSydor Instruments announced the appointment of Daniel Rao as Account Executive: Aerospace & Defense.  Rao has more than 14 years of experience in both the commercial and government communications and electronics industries.  He has a solid record of achievement and demonstrated success driving multimillion-dollar program growth, while providing award-winning sales leadership in highly competitive technical markets.  His diverse professional experience includes program management, product development, and sales management.

Prior to joining Sydor Instruments, Rao was a Business Development Manager at Harris Corporation’s RF Communications Division where he spearheaded an entrepreneurial team focused on expanding the division’s product portfolio outside its traditional markets. This growth initiative led to the introduction of a new family of products designed for US government customers.

Prior to his work with Harris, Rao was the Director of Business Development at Phoenix Systems Corporation, a wireless communications equipment and services provider.  He was instrumental in the development of the company’s business strategy and growth, and successfully increased company sales into both commercial and government industries.

Rao has a BS in Environmental Science from SUNY College at Brockport, and holds numerous certifications and awards for sales excellence.

Check out Sydor Instruments

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FluxData introduces a 3-CCD polarization camera in new compact form factor.

October 6, 2009

FluxData introduces a 3-CCD polarization camera in a new compact form factor.

The FD-1665P is a new camera system capable of collecting video at three linear polarization orientations simultaneously. Polarimetric imaging is an active research area in medical, machine vision and defense applications. Because the polarimetric preserving and/or inducing properties of materials are often complementary to their spectral signatures, polarization provides additional information to analysts and researchers. Polarization imaging has been used to identify stress and defects in aircraft assemblies; “see” into the water column in littoral and marine applications; separate specular from diffuse reflectance for material analysis and identification; and automatically detect man made objects in natural surroundings.

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Lumetrics instrument looks closely at the human eye

October 5, 2009

This Small Business Innovation Research Phase II project is aimed at developing a high speed fiber-optic eye measurement system (FEMS) for axial dimensions of a human eye. The project extends the field of long-range time-domain low-coherence interferometry (TD-LCI) to higher speeds and higher sensitivities. This project uses improved optical fiber stretching technology to achieve fast measurement rates at the necessary scanning range, and modified heterodyne detection approach to maintain high sensitivity. By using increased speed and sensitivity of the proposed FEMS, all parameters of the eye can be accurately measured, and therefore the safety and effectiveness of the eye surgery can be dramatically improved.

With the U.S. population of over 65 year old expected to be over 70 million in 2030 and world populations increasing at a similar rate, there is a dramatic need for tools to treat the wave of eye diseases and problems expected with that population. Information about the structure of the eye is required in surgeries for these diseases and those that deal with replacement of the crystalline lens. Choosing a correct intraocular lens (IOL) is a crucial step in this procedure. FEMS will become a critical tool in mapping out the eye for both research and treatment of the diseases in this new ophthalmic endemic that is being brought on by the expanding elderly
population. There is a tremendous potential market for FEMS in the U.S. and the rest of the world. A majority of the ophthalmology offices currently own less precise ultrasound and other instruments for eye measurement, but are interested in obtaining improved tools. There are over 20,000 hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and offices used by the more than 16,000 ophthalmologists and 32,000 optometrists within the United States that could use these devices, and many more locations worldwide.

Check out Lumetrics

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