Vincent Associates Receives US Patent for N-CAS® NS Electrical Shutters

Rochester, NY October, 2009 – Vincent Associates, the manufacturer of UNIBLITZ® shutters, is pleased to announce that they have received a United States patent for the UNIBLITZ®II N-CAS® NS series of shutters which has been recently released as a new product line. These products are the NS15 (15mm), NS25 (25mm), and the NS45 (45mm) series of shutters. Additional aperture sizes and additional uni-stable devices will also be available soon.

The UNIBLITZ®II N-CAS® NS series is a novel innovation in shutter design from Vincent Associates. The devices’ reliability has been enhanced by significantly reducing the number of moving parts. The total number of moving parts has been reduced to six, five of which are the shutter blades themselves! The activating mechanism is non-contact and has shown to increase its reliability through testing over similar type shutter designs.

The N-CAS® device is innovative by comparison. There are no solenoids, no linkages, and no external damping system. The damping system has been integrated into the device to provide long lasting, quiet operation. The only protruding component is the unit’s actuator coil. The external mounting surfaces of the device are flat which make the shutter simple to integrate into user applications. These shutters are bi-stable, only requiring power to change their state. The devices can also be configured uni-stable (powered active and return to the default state once power is removed).

For more than 40 years, Vincent Associates has been supplying the UNIBLITZ® electro-programmable shutter systems worldwide, addressing numerous demanding applications.

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