Focus on Sales. Optics CEO Roundtables Continue.

First Thursdays of the Month
Lennox Tech Center Multimedia Room

The RRPC and Worldleaders continue their series for CEO members that are interested in enabling their organizations to win more sales. The program is delivered by Worldleaders Sales Solutions and designed to provide a fact-based training approach specifically for RPPC CEO’s.  It’s not sales pitch.  RRPC companies are closing more sales using things we’ve learned together at these sessions.

Meetings in 2012 are being held 3:00 – 5:00 PM, multimedia room, Lennox Tech Incubator.

The format  consists of a two-hour session on the first Thursday of every month. The first 30 minutes are lecture format, followed by Q/A and practical implementation of the concept. Worksheets and templates are provided to all participants.  Beer, wine and snacks will be provided following the sessions.

The series is intended as a continuing CEO round table as well as the platform to educate and inform presidents and CEO’s about how to assemble and manage a sales team. Here are some of the participating companies:

  • Applied Image Group
  • QED
  • Stamper Tech
  • EMF
  • Lumetrics
  • Toptica
  • Sydor Optics
  • Syntec
  • JML Optical
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