Where’s Chuck?

Chuck Synborski has taken a position with G-S PLASTIC OPTICS as Vice President Sales, Marketing and Business Development. With a Masters in Optics from the University of Rochester and 30+ years in the industry, Chuck is one of the mainstays of the Rochester Optics community.  He has played key roles in a number of optics enterprises, most recently as general manager of the Rochester division of  CVI / Melles Griot.

Chuck Synborski
Vice President Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Germanow-Simon Companies
408 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY 14605
Office phone:  585-295-0210; FAX: 585-232-3866
Cell:  585-705-8655
Email:  csynborski@gsoptics.com or csynborski@teltru.com

Among Chuck’s many accomplishments are these:

  • Developed and executed successful strategic business plans and programs involving over $500,000,000 in yearly revenues
  • Successfully managed significant multi-product line optical company
  • Managed international sourcing, operations and distribution organizations
  • Chairman, Optical Society of America Industrial Associates Committee and Member of OSA Board of Directors and Board Finance Committee (2010-2011)
  • Chairman, RE Hopkins Award Fundraising Committee
  • Chairman of Perkin Elmer’s Optical Lithography Advisory Board, responsible for determining corporate product and marketing directions
  • Board member, Rochester Business Alliance, International Business Council
  • Member, Rochester International Business Roundtable
  • Past Board Member at Ormec Inc. and Hansford Automation Systems, Inc. (factory automation firms)
  • Past member, Business Advisory Committee, Center for Automation Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Developed and marketed numerous commercial optical instruments, advanced modular robotic assembly automation technology, and a new method of using ultraviolet light in the manufacturing of insulated electrical wire (patented)
  • Created over 150 ads, 60 product brochures, 12 technical publications, 35 seminars, 40 programmed training courses, and promotional videos
  • Authored and edited ASTM/NIST national test standards as a member of the F-1 Committee on Electronics Technology. Member of IEEE, SPIE and OSA
  • Extensive experience in the precision optical (components and systems), electro-optic, microscopy, factory automation, semiconductor capital equipment, and laser technology market places
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