Rochester Top 100: Eight Optics Firms Among 32 Manufacturers in 2012

The Rochester Top 100, now in its 26th year, ranks privately held companies based on three most recent years of revenue growth. Companies must have at least $1 million in revenue for each of those years, and rankings take into account both dollar and percentage growth.

Companies in the Rochester Top 100 nominate themselves. 182 companies self-nominated last year and only 165 did in 2010, according to KPMG.  This year, 225 companies felt good enough about their situations to self-nominate.  Sixty more companies in the region feel better than they did two years ago.

#6 Optipro
#27 Toptica
#32 Optimax
#36 Rochester Optical
#60 Rochester Precision Optics
#61 Stefan Sydor Optics
#83 Tel-Tru Manufacturing
#90 Empire Precision Plastics

Read the stories here.

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