CEO Round Table Monthly Meetings Continue in 2013

The CEO Seminars are generally scheduled for the first Thursday of each month at 3:30 PM.  The seminars for February and May are being skipped as there are out of town trade shows scheduled which will affect attendance.  In addition, we are rotating the venue to to make attendance easier for some folks.  Host sites will be responsible for food and beverages (alcohol is at the discretion of the host company).

WL AgendaAs always it is appreciated if you drop and email to Tom Battley so that we have an accurate head count.

Here are the 2013 dates:

  • Jan. 3rd – JML Optical
  • Feb. 7th – Skip, Photonics West that week
  • Mar. 7th – Sydor Optics
  • Apr. 4th – TOPTICA
  • May 2nd – Skip, Laser Munich that week
  • Jun. 6th – OptiPro
  • Jul. 4th – Skip, National Holiday
  • Aug. 1st – QED Optics
  • Sep. 5th – Sydor Optics
  • Oct. 3rd – Rochester Precision Optics
  • Nov. 7th
  • Dec. 5th
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