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RRPC’s 2013 Optics Summer Sizzler

May 30, 2013

It’s nearly June, and June is when Rochester hosts the RRPC Optics Summer Sizzler!

Will you help with a contribution?  Do you know of someone else that will?

For our printable informational flyer, click here.

This year, in addition to students from East High School and Gates Chili High School, we are welcoming students from Greece Olympia High School.  By 2014, all three schools will be teaching Monroe Community College dual-credit optics.

How did this happen?

Four years ago, RRPC and local volunteers began a summer optics immersion camp to attract students to the MCC program.

The results? 

  • The MCC Optics program is fully enrolled for September 2013.
  • Two area high schools now offer dual-credit optics courses with MCC (with Greece Olympia coming on board next year)
  • East High School is now teaching optical fabrication in a full optics fabrication laboratory as part of their dual-credit effort
  • Gates Chili has a fully enrolled dual-credit optics class
  • MCC has hired a full time optics professor, with a number of adjuncts from our industry
  • MCC’s optics advisory board meets regularly and is helping to upgrade the MCC labs
  • RRPC members have already begun tapping into the talent pool

We have accomplished this with volunteers, enthusiastic science teachers, and the generosity of sponsors from our industry.  Numerous people have made generous contributions of their time and money in the past three years.  Some of them are listed here:

Thorlabs Advanced Glass Industries
PLS Launch Solutions Angstrom Precision Optics
Dan Balonek ASE Optics
Josh Cobb Citizens Bank
Paul Conrow Corning
Jim Crittenden CVI Melles Griot
JML Optical G-S Plastic Optics
Andy Germanow ITT SSD
Marcelo Guimaraes Lasermax
Katherine Hasman Monroe Community College
Jennifer Kruschwitz Moondog Optics
Ross Micali Optics Technology
Elise Michaels Optimax Systems
Paul Michaloski OptiPro
Ron Schulmerich Rochester Precision Optics
Jim Van Kouwenberg Sydor Optics
Alexis Vogt Advanced Glass Industries
RPC Photonics Angstrom Precision Optics
Vincent Associates ASE Optics
Michele Nichols Citizens Bank

This year, once again we are looking for sponsors to help defray the expenses of materials for the Sizzler: Sizzler t-shirts, lunches for the five day event, optics grab bags, and stipends for student assistants and other expenses, including, on day five, A TRIP TO THE THE CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS.

Our goal is $14,000.

 Our first donation is over $2,000 in equipment, t-shirts and lab snacks from Thorlabs!

Thank you for your support!


$500    $1,000    $1,500    $2,500

You do not need a PayPal account.
Just use the credit card option to the lower left of the screen.

Alternatively, and for smaller donations, you may send a check to:

RRPC Optics Summer Sizzler
c/o Rivers Organization
312 West Commercial St.
East Rochester, NY 14445

Our original blog post about the Summer Optics Sizzler is here.

Are You and Your Company Prepared for Obamacare?

May 28, 2013

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is just months away. New regulations are coming. Is your company prepared?

In the wake of Health Care Reform:

  • Will you play or pay?
  • Are you subject to penalties?
  • Is your plan affordable?
  • What is your strategy?


Join John Godsoe, attorney with Bond, Shoeneck and King and Kim Olek, Vice President with First Niagara Benefits Consulting as they answer all of these questions and more.

  • Will your company will be subject to the Employer Shared Responsibility Penalty?
  • Is your company a “large employer” under the Affordable Care Act?
  • How are employees counted?
  • How is the penalty calculated?
  • Plan Design and Coverage Mandates
  • Automatic Enrollment
  • Waiting Periods
  • Required benefits and coverage levels
  • New Disclosure Requirements
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  • Employee notices
  • Reporting to the government

What needs to be done now?

About our presenters:

John C. Godsoe – Mr. Godsoe is an Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation attorney at Bond, Schoeneck & King who represents employers in all aspects of employee benefits law and has experience representing a wide range of employers, including public and private sector employers, non-profit organizations and higher education institutions. His practice focuses on assisting employee benefit plan sponsors and fiduciaries in complying with the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) and Internal Revenue Code and regularly works on matters involving both retirement plans and welfare plans.

Kimberly A. Olek , Vice President Benefit Consultant, First Niagara – With a background spanning over 20 years with national benefit carriers, Kimberly’s experience ranges from Vice President of Marsh/ Mercer Consulting Group to National Account Manager for ADP and Sales Consultant for Preferred Care / MVP.  Kimberly’s understanding of the benefits industry enables her to offer her clients the most innovative benefit strategies available in the market place today.

OptiPro Integrates Powerful New Features to Aspheric Profilometer Data Analysis Software

May 13, 2013
Features include 3D surface reconstruction, allowing user to produce 3D surface error map with a 2D contact profilometer and work piece rotation.

OptiPro Systems, LLC continues their dedication to advance precision optics manufacturing technology with the development of new features to their Aspheric Profilometer Data Analysis Software, OptiTrace, enhancing the capabilities of the OptiTrace 5000 contact profilometer ( Among the new features are multiple profile loading and 3D surface reconstruction, which will yield more detailed surface analysis of precision optics.

With multiple profile loading, the user is now able to load multiple traces from the same optic on one plot. This gives the user the ability to overlay scans of iterative correction attempts on top of one another so that the operator can see where/how the optic is changing. Understanding the progression of optics after each correction run will help companies further optimize their precision optical fabrication processes.

The 3D reconstruction tool allows the operator to create a 3D surface error map using a 2D contact profilometer. Instead of being limited to rotationally symmetric error when correcting with a 2D profile scan, the user can now focus on asymmetric error as well. The user takes the desired number of scans in a bicycle wheel spoke pattern around the optic, rotating it at specific intervals. The algorithm analyzes the data traces and the angles they were taken at and produces a 3D surface error map. The 3D surface error map can then be exported to a variety of common formats for deterministic correction.

optiprotraceFigure 1: Four traces are taken at 45 degree intervals, and the algorithm analyzes the data to produce a 3D surface map.

“The ability to generate 3D surface error maps gives optical manufacturers a more detailed analysis of what corrections need to be made and greater assurance that the desired surface accuracy is achieved,” says Ed Fess, Research and Development Manager at OptiPro. “When it comes to precision optics, having the ideal metrology solution is invaluable because customer satisfaction is riding on your ability to meet specs. The powerful new features to the OptiTrace software helps companies rest assured that they are producing exceptional precision optics.”