2013 Optics Summer Sizzler Presentations

Always an impressive day, with students outpacing expectations, Thursday at the Sizzler is when the students present their work to an audience and a panel of industry experts.

This year the panel included Alexis Vogt (B&L), Daniel Balonek (Lasermax), Michele Nichols (PLS Launch Solutions) and Jim Crittinden (MCC), as well as the team leaders from Corning, MCC, JK Consulting, Optimax and the University of Rochester.

These kids, ages 13 – 17 were dropped into an optical laboratory environment at MCC on Monday morning and gave convincing presentations by Thursday morning.  As professor Damon Diehl said to his holography team yesterday,

“In three days, using your curiosity and persistence, you have made your way to a place in our work together where the questions that you are asking are at graduate school level.”

Check out these presentations:






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One Comment on “2013 Optics Summer Sizzler Presentations”

  1. rrpc Says:

    Take the time to look at these presentations! They are so well done.

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