National Photonics Initiative Fly-in Storms the Hill


Chris Collins’ office. L o R, Christopher Cotton (ASE Optics), Alan Evans (Corning), Jay Eastman (Lucid Technologies / retired), John Bruning (Corning / retired)

On Thursday, September 19th, RRPC representatives Tom Battley, John Bruning, Chris Cotton, Jay Eastman and Rick Plympton joined some fifty representatives from around the country in an “NPI Education Day” for members of the House and Senate in Washington D.C.

The event was organized by OSA and SPIE in order to inform and educate representatives in Washington about the importance of Optics, Photonics and Imaging to the nation.

Rochester representatives were awarded National Photonics Initiative badges for their high marks in understanding how important OPI is to Western New York, and the nation.


L to R Rick Plympton, Tom Battley, Christopher Cotton

Your team visited the offices of:

  • Chris Collins, New York 27th
  • Nita Lowey, New York 17th (downstate)
  • Dan Maffei, New York 24th
  • Carolyn Maloney, New York 12th (downstate)
  • Tom Reed, New York 23rd
  • Louise Slaughter, New York 25th (she really gets it!)
  • New York State Senator Kristin Gillibrand

Contrary to rumors, we had nothing to do with the current government shutdown.

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