The Past, Present and Future of Freeform Optics

jrA Free Webinar offered by Photonics Spectra Magazine

Jannick P. Rolland
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester

The emerging, transformative area of freeform optics could allow for a wider range of lens and mirror shapes than strictly spherical, and for more targeted applications. Although the production of freeform surfaces became possible just a few years ago, freeform optical surfaces are emerging as a path to truly three-dimensional optical designs. A broad range of applications for freeform optics has been identified, including mobile displays, LED lighting, remote sensing devices and astronomical instrumentation. In this one-hour webinar, Professor Rolland will provide a short historical context to this emergence and discuss the challenges as well as the rapidly emerging knowledge that spans from the mathematics of freeform surfaces to the implementation of freeform optical systems.

Wednesday, November 13, 1:00PM

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