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Vice President Biden Recognizes RRPC / MCC Progress in Optics Program

January 30, 2014

Five years ago the Monroe Community College (MCC) Optical Systems Technology Program graduated two people and had a total of six enrollments.
Today, the program has new labs, new laboratory equipment, dual-credit relationships with three area high schools and an annual optical systems immersion program for high schoolers with the Optics Summer Sizzler.  There are 50 enrollments.  Corning and Sydor Optics donated $750 thousand to the program and there is a reinvigorated advisory board.

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden called out to the optics industry from the podium during his speech at Monroe Community College.

That is an example of the RRPC at work.  Stay focused on Optics and Photonics!  This industry is the strategic industry of our region and needs continued commitment from all its members if it is to continue to grow and flourish!

Listen to Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks about Rochester’s Optics Industry here on Soundcloud.

Sydor Instruments Announces Partnership with Kentech Instruments to Distribute High Speed Imaging Electronics in North America

January 29, 2014

Sydor Instruments recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Kentech Instruments Ltd to serve as its sales and applications partner in North America. The UK-based Kentech specializes in the manufacture of high voltage, fast pulse generator systems and gated detectors that when integrated with Sydor Instruments’ cameras, can provide custom diagnostics and ultrafast imaging systems.

The partnership will enhance Sydor’s ability to deliver integrated imaging systems to its defense, research and industrial customers who need to capture and analyze the data from high speed events, said Sydor Instruments President Michael Pavia.

Sydor and Kentech products are key to both US and European Laser Fusion Programs. The two companies most recently collaborated to deliver several high speed x-ray framing cameras that enable high resolution imagery of complex nuclear reactions on ultrafast timescales.

To learn more about Kentech products, visit or visit Sydor at Photonics West February 4-6 in booth 531.

NY State Invests $1Billion in Riverbend Photonics Project

January 27, 2014

…agrees to purchase of 88 acres from the city of Buffalo

New York State has agreed on terms to buy the 88 acres of city-owned land in South Buffalo that will house a new high-tech and clean-energy complex at RiverBend.

The deal marks what officials call “swift progress” in advancing a monumental project that seeks to transform a former steelmaking site from a brownfield into a green-power economic driver. It comes just two months after the initial announcement of the RiverBend project, indicating seriousness on the part of the state to move forward quickly.

The first two photonics-based tenants, Soraa, a 6-year-old manufacturer of high-efficiency “green” LED lighting, and Silevo, a 7-year-old company with manufacturing plant in China, a maker silicon solar cells and modules, plan to invest $1.5B in the site according to press releases.

Over 75 New York State OPI Companies Slated To Exhibit at Photonics West

January 15, 2014

Once again fielding an impressive roster of Optics, Photonics and Imaging (OPI) companies at the largest and most influential international laser and photonics conference of the year, New York Photonics will be representing New York State at Photonics West 2014.

No state (or nation) at the annual conference matches that number of exhibitors.  New York Photonics companies comprise a fully-integrated supply chain for global firms and uniquely qualified systems integrators.  Metrology, spectroscopy, optics manufacturing, nanotechnology, thin films, materials, lasers and imaging systems and components are just some of the New York capabilities on display at the annual conference, taking place at Moscone Center in San Francisco, February 1 -6.

Ithaca’s Tornado Spectral Systems Named Finalist in SPIE PRISM Awards

January 15, 2014

Tornado Spectral Systems, Ithaca, NY   has been nominated for the SPIE Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation in the category of Detectors, Sensing, Imaging and Cameras for their OCTANE-860 “spectrometer on a chip” nanophotonics spectrometer.

The OCTANE-860 turn-key fully integrated package never requires alignment and can be customized for high-resolution or broad-bandwidth preferences. Standard fabrication processes used in prototyping are easily transferable to commercial foundries. Tornado’s spectrometer-on-chip solutions are robust, miniaturized optical engines designed for high-performance measurements and at a fraction of size, weight, and cost of free-space systems.

See all of the finalists here.

Rust Belt Chic And The Keys To Reviving The Great Lakes

January 13, 2014

This can only be accomplished by doubling down on the essential DNA of the region: engineering, manufacturing, logistics, a reasonable cost of living and bountiful natural resources. This approach builds off what some local urbanists, notably Jim Russell, have dubbed “rust belt chic.”

Read the full Forbes article here.

Kodak and Kingsbury Sign Agreement to Supply JTOUCH with New Silver-based Metal Mesh Touch Screen Sensor Film

January 12, 2014

Eastman Kodak Company and Kingsbury Corporation have entered into an agreement to supply JTOUCH Corporation, a leading manufacturer of touch screen modules, with touch sensor film based on their newly developed silver-based metal mesh technology. JTOUCH will purchase the output of silver-based touch sensor film that will be produced by a Kingsbury manufacturing facility at Eastman Business Park in Rochester. That facility is expected to ramp up production on a new high-volume line during the second quarter of this year to meet demand levels required by JTOUCH. The facility will utilize Kodak’s silver halide technologies to produce the metal mesh touch screen film.
Kodak is supplying Kingsbury with chemicals, substrates and technical support to operate the facility, and is also partnering in marketing efforts. Kingsbury will work with JTOUCH to integrate the new technology into their Asia-based manufacturing facilities.
The new silver-based metal mesh touch screen film will be produced on a roll-to-roll process manufacturing line. Compared to the traditional film-based Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) touch sensors, the advantages of this new process include lower production costs due to fewer manufacturing steps and lower resistance that enables larger-format displays. The high- resolution patterning attributes of these metal mesh sensors address the requirements for multiple form factors as well as compatibility with flexible applications.
“Kingsbury is pleased to provide the manufacturing capability that will allow JTOUCH to be the first company to commercialize Kodak silver-based metal mesh technology into their products,” stated Bill Pollock, Kingsbury CEO.

“This silver halide technology for touch sensor film is just one of the promising technologies that is enabling Kodak to partner with companies and broaden our participation in the rapidly expanding touch sensor market,” said Antonio M. Perez, Kodak’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This is another milestone in our functional printing business, which represents a major growth area for Kodak.”
Founded in 2001, and now listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, JTOUCH offers touch panel solutions utilizing copper-based metal mesh touch screen and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) ranging from 1.6 to 23 inches.

“At JTOUCH, we are always looking for the most innovative approaches to integrate into our  touch panel solutions,” said Yu-Chou Yeh, JTOUCH Chairman. ”We are pleased to be working with Kingsbury and Kodak, and to be able to offer an even broader portfolio of touch sensor solutions to meet the needs of our brand-name customers in Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan.”