Vice President Biden Recognizes RRPC / MCC Progress in Optics Program

Five years ago the Monroe Community College (MCC) Optical Systems Technology Program graduated two people and had a total of six enrollments.
Today, the program has new labs, new laboratory equipment, dual-credit relationships with three area high schools and an annual optical systems immersion program for high schoolers with the Optics Summer Sizzler.  There are 50 enrollments.  Corning and Sydor Optics donated $750 thousand to the program and there is a reinvigorated advisory board.

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden called out to the optics industry from the podium during his speech at Monroe Community College.

That is an example of the RRPC at work.  Stay focused on Optics and Photonics!  This industry is the strategic industry of our region and needs continued commitment from all its members if it is to continue to grow and flourish!

Listen to Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks about Rochester’s Optics Industry here on Soundcloud.

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