Nation’s R&D Budget Can’t Compete

The President’s R&D Budget for FY 2015: A Summary and Charts

In a year in which discretionary spending is effectively standing still, increased R&D investments appear hard to come by.  aaas_logo

Officially released March 4, the President’s budget makes clear the challenges currently posed by the Budget Control Act spending caps for R&D support. With hardly any additional room available in the discretionary budget above FY 2014 levels, and with three-quarters of the post-sequester spending reductions still in place overall, many agency R&D budgets would effectively stand still. Some R&D areas that have been featured in past budgets, including climate research and support for fundamental science, would not make much fiscal headway in this year’s request. Nevertheless, the Administration has still managed to shift some additional funding to select programs in a reflection of recurring priorities, including renewable energy and efficiency, advanced manufacturing, and technology for infrastructure and transportation.

15p R&D Pie

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