Universal Photonics, manufacturer and distributor of critical surface preparation materials worldwide, has announced the asset acquisition of California based, CV Nanotechnology. The acquisition transfers the production, sale, and distribution of CV Nanotechnology’s full product line of polishing compounds and surface preparation materials to Universal Photonics.

“UPI continues to make commitments to the advancement of surfacing and polishing technology, and strives to bring the very best of these products to our customers. CV Nanotechnology has developed many advanced polishing materials that will significantly add to the product capability we offer. Their innovative products will be integral to our technology suite of advanced materials” says Neil Johnson, President and CEO of Universal Photonics.

“Our long history of combining unique technology with robust service and support networks has helped UPI meet the expectations of the critical surfacing industry. We are confident that CV Nanotechnology’s products will add value to our customers’ processes and efficiency.”

CV Nanotechnology’s founder, Floyd McClung, will join Universal Photonics and continue to support the development and application of advanced polishing materials.

Today’s surfacing applications involve a wide variety of substrates, many with unique processing requirements. The comprehensive approach to meeting these requirements calls for a broad technology of materials, and the CV Nanotechnology line of products brings additional capability to UPI’s established product offering.

CV Nanotechnology customers can be confident that Universal Photonics’ broad experience and manufacturing capabilities will continue to provide the same reliable, efficient and innovative benefits they have come to expect.


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