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On the Road To Ubiquity – US National Science Foundation

June 22, 2015 – National Science Foundation (NSF) Discoveries – On the road to ubiquity – US National Science Foundation (NSF).

As a tool, the laser has stretched the imaginations of countless scientists and engineers, making possible everything from stunning images of celestial bodies to high-speed communications. Once described as a “solution looking for a problem,” the laser powered and pulsed its way into nearly every aspect of modern life.

One area in particular, data transmission, gained momentum as the 1980s progressed. NSF’s Lightwave Technology Program in its engineering directorate was critical not only because the research it funded fueled the Internet, mobile devices and other high-bandwidth communications applications, but also because many of the laser advances in this field drove progress in other disciplines.An important example of this crossover is optical coherence tomography (OCT). Used in the late 1980s in telecommunications to find faults in miniature optical waveguides and optical fibers, this imaging technique was adapted by biomedical researchers in the early 1990s to noninvasively image microscopic structures in the eye. The imaging modality is now commonly used in ophthalmology to image the retina. NSF continues to fund OCT research.As laser technology matured through the 1990s, applications became more abundant. Lasers made their way to the factory floor (to cut, weld and drill) and the ocean floor (to boost signals in transatlantic communications). The continued miniaturization of lasers and the advent of optical fibers radically altered medical diagnostics as well as surgery.

Laser World of Photonics, Munich

June 21, 2015

“Laser Munich” begins tomorrow. The largest photonics conference in Europe. NYPhotonics is here!

Adam Dunn and Jürgen Kantner in front of a statue of Joseph von Fraunhofer, the famed Bavarian and one of the fathers of modern optics.

Interactive Light Sculpture During Rochester International Jazz Fest

June 18, 2015


Cubes uses technology developed by Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs, a San Francisco-based technology and design company founded by Alexander Green and Trip Vest. Cubes has been featured on the Discovery Channel, the Esquire network, and at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Cubes is presented in Rochester in partnership with Haywood Hawks.Alexander Green will give a talk on the technology and vision behind Cubes, followed by a performance by Green and Herb Smith’s Freedom Trio. Q and A, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and reception to follow.

Alexander Green is a San Francisco based new-media artist who was raised in Rochester. His installation “Cubes” is a visually stunning, multi-dimensional work that uses custom software and LED technology. Since their emergence at Burning Man 2013, Cubes have left audiences and contemporary art lovers awestruck. Written about in The Creators Project, Gizmodo, the Huffington Post, and featured on the Discovery Channel, “Cubes” have captivated the world of tech-driven art. Alexander’s collaboration with world-famous violinist Tim Fain is the subject of an upcoming documentary broadcast worldwide on BBC and PBS entitled “Ineffable.” Alexander will be speaking at the Cannes Lions Festival on Creativity in June on the future of audiovisual experiences.

Sponsored in part by New York Photonics.


JP Morgan Chase Teams with MCC to Fill Middle-Skills Gap

June 12, 2015

Grant aims to grow the pipeline of middle skills workers.

June 12, 2015 – The Monroe Community College Foundation has been awarded a $320,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase to create a middle-skill bridge program and expand accelerated certificate programs at Monroe Community College.

The grant is part of a larger, $1 million JPMorgan Chase investment to support advanced manufacturing training programs in four upstate New York regions—Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. The grant is associated with the firm’s New Skills at Work initiative, a $250 million commitment to address skill gaps in communitie

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Addressing Critical Trade Compliance Issues

June 9, 2015

On Thursday, June 4th, OSA, SPIE and New York Photonics hosted a webinar with the Department of Commerce about proposed changes to the U.S. Munitions List.  These changes have the potential to greatly hamper the export of optics and photonics products from the U.S.

26 New York Photonics members participated in the Webinar.  The presentation is >>here<<



Lumetrics Obtains Patent for Contact Lens Measurement System | Benzinga

June 1, 2015

Lumetrics Obtains Patent for Contact Lens Measurement System

Lumetrics was awarded a patent for an apparatus that measures the optical performance characteristics and dimensions of an optical element using a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and a low coherence interferometer. This is a major improvement on current manufacturing inspection methods, especially for the contact lens and intraocular lens industries.

The first implementation of this product uses a modified ClearWave in combination with our industry leading OptiGauge® thickness measurement system. This provides contact lens manufacturers center thickness (CT), Sagittal Height (SAG), diameter, radius of curvature, and all the wavefront measurements that currently require two separate systems to obtain. “This not only provides for a drastically reduced equipment footprint, but also reduces the required operator handling,” said Lumetrics President John Hart. “Any time our customers can reduce operator handling, they reduce the potential problems that can occur with handling.”

Additional benefits include the ability to precisely measure the distance from the back of the lens relative to the object plane of the ClearWave. This ensures the ability of the operator to achieve the most accurate power measurements.

Lumetrics places a high value on its intellectual property. In addition to this latest patent, Lumetrics also owns or controls over 30 patents and a dozen software copyrights. “Our IP is a core strength we bring to our customers, and we protect it vigorously,” said Hart.