Lumetrics Obtains Patent for Contact Lens Measurement System | Benzinga

Lumetrics Obtains Patent for Contact Lens Measurement System

Lumetrics was awarded a patent for an apparatus that measures the optical performance characteristics and dimensions of an optical element using a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and a low coherence interferometer. This is a major improvement on current manufacturing inspection methods, especially for the contact lens and intraocular lens industries.

The first implementation of this product uses a modified ClearWave in combination with our industry leading OptiGauge® thickness measurement system. This provides contact lens manufacturers center thickness (CT), Sagittal Height (SAG), diameter, radius of curvature, and all the wavefront measurements that currently require two separate systems to obtain. “This not only provides for a drastically reduced equipment footprint, but also reduces the required operator handling,” said Lumetrics President John Hart. “Any time our customers can reduce operator handling, they reduce the potential problems that can occur with handling.”

Additional benefits include the ability to precisely measure the distance from the back of the lens relative to the object plane of the ClearWave. This ensures the ability of the operator to achieve the most accurate power measurements.

Lumetrics places a high value on its intellectual property. In addition to this latest patent, Lumetrics also owns or controls over 30 patents and a dozen software copyrights. “Our IP is a core strength we bring to our customers, and we protect it vigorously,” said Hart.


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