Register For The 2015 New York Photonics Annual Meeting

In a hotly contested competition that had a team led by New York State vying with a team led by Florida and another led by Southern California, the DoD has chosen the New York team as the winner for the Integrated Photonics Institute In Manufacturing Innovation:  AIM Photonics.

All the players involved: Governor Cuomo, SUNY Polytech, our Washington DC delegation, RIT, UR, UCSB, MIT, Columbia and others all played important roles —  and put aside differences to work together.

Congresswoman Slaughter and Senator Schumer helped convene the New York Team, Governor Cuomo had the foresight and determination to offer a huge investment to make the application irresistible.  New York’s technology team worked together to leverage their best talents and recruit members of the application team from other states. Everyone worked hard.  New Yorkers can be proud of this announcement.

What is integrated Photonics?
Why is it important to the DoD?
What will this cross-cutting technology mean to our future?
How will it change our lives?
What is the future hold for the National Photonics Initiative?

These is the subjects of this year’s New York Photonics Annual Meeting.

>>To Register Click Here<<

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